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Recommended textbook for “The 3D Printing Revolution” Coursera course, University of Illinois Champagne-Urbana

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John Hornick’s “3D Printing Will Rock the World” Rocks

"Want to know how, in specific detail, 3D printing will rock the world? Well, then, IP lawyer and 3D printing expert John Hornick has the book for you! I had the pleasure of reading Hornick’s new book 3D Printing Will Rock the World (available on Amazon) and he does an excellent job of describing exactly how 3D printing will rock the world from a technological, economic, and, even, social standpoint. And, by the end of his book, readers may very well be convinced that, because of this technology, the world will be so thoroughly rocked that it will become unrecognizable.  . . .

In all, Hornick’s book is a thoughtful, funny, and thorough argument for, not only why 3D printing is here to stay, but why it will change everything. At the same time, through straightforward hypotheticals, he is able to portray what a world rocked by 3D printing will look like. Give it a read and you’ll see that future is, overall, a rockin’ one."

Michael Moiltch-Hou, 3D Printing Industry

New Book on How 3D Printing Tech Has and Will Continue to Rock Our World

“Hornick is extending his 3D printing knowledge from within the walls of his firm into a new book called “3D Printing Will Rock the World”, which details where additive manufacturing technology currently is and where it will inevitably go in the near-future. Hornick focuses on making the book accessible to almost anybody with a keen interest in the young, yet expansive history of 3D printing, writing a book geared for both the consumer and hobbyist as well as the interested businessperson or investor type too. . . . 

3D Printing Will Rock the World keys in on how 3D printing technology has impacted both businesses and our personal lives, how it could change mass production into production by the masses, the legal and illegal foundation behind 3D printing, and also how it will influence the children of this generation to 3D print a better future for mankind. The book is jam-packed with illustrations and endnotes, ensuring to the reader that no matter what level of experience they may have with 3D printing, Hornick’s exploration of this topic is both engaging and accessible to all."

Tyler Koslow, 3D Printing Industry

“We are featuring John's book--which is the best book about 3D Printing available today!”

Professor Aric Rindfleisch, about the Coursera "The 3D Printing Revolution” course

J3D Daily Digest: Book review: 3D Printing Will Rock The World by John Hornick @Jhornick3D1Stop (Video Review)

New, Must-Read Book: “3D Printing Will Rock the World”, by John Hornick

"3D Printing Will Rock the World is a book about technological innovation and business, and how 3D printers will change the world in many ways.  It will interest:

  • the business reader who wants to know how 3D printing may affect manufacturing, product design, where things are made, the jobs market, how companies do business, and how it may be misused
  • the general reader and average consumer who is curious about 3D printing, especially parents, whose kids will help drive the adoption of this technology
  • Makers, who already believe that 3D printers will help change the world
  • potential investors, who want to learn about this technology and its potential"

Gary Anderson,

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Amazon Reviews

"Excellent! I really enjoyed John Hornick’s unique perspective and global view of the rapidly changing landscape of 3D printing technology. His comprehensive assessment describes the intersection of information, technology and the individual, highlighting both the opportunities and challenges the world faces with personal empowerment and manufacturing performed “away from control.” His entertaining writing style and well-selected examples captures the excitement of 3D printing, inspiring us to believe 3D Printing will truly rock the world."


"An insightful read. For the maker/hobbiest or the CEO trying to determine in 3D printing can benefit their business, 3D Printing Will Rock the World is a must read. A great look into an industry that is redefining manufacturing, prototyping and bending the cost curve. This book looks not just at the current technologies and how they have evolved, but what changes might be on the horizon as this disruptive technology becomes more and more mainstream. Having attended multiple 3D conferences across the US, I can say that this is the most complete piece of work relative to 3D Printing that I have come across."

Amazon Customer

"The one book to read if you want to understand about additive manufacturing, the different technologies and applications, the past and the future of this exciting industry, and how the new industrial revolution will really rock the world."

Amazon Customer

"Well structured and straight-forward vision of the changes that 3D printing will have on the way we build things now and tomorrow.

It gives a very clear vision of the potential related to 3D printing and I like a lot the part related to IP protection. It is the first time I read someone who explains all issues and potential related to this new revolution in regards to existing laws. It is a must read for everyone interested in the topic!"

Amazon Customer

"As an investor in 3D printing stocks since long before they were cool (and even then while they were not!), I highly recommend John's book.3D printing stocks are coming back in 2016 and this book is an excellent read for any investor in the space!"

Gary Anderson

“3D printing is changing literally everything. In this exciting and visionary work, Mr. Hornick reveals to the reader the truth of that statement. Exploring the uses of 3D printing in aerospace, medicine, art, education and manufacturing of all types, he explores its impacts (both current and potential) on the economy, the environment, geopolitics and transportation to name only a few. In this eminently readable book, Hornick takes us on a tour of this industry describing 3D printed cars, rocket engines, hip implants, prosthetics, commercial aircraft components, dinosaur bones, and human organ tissue, all in use today. He then presents a possible vision of the future through the use of an entertaining parable that clearly examines the potential power along with the challenges that are attendant to this most disruptive technology. This is not just a one-sided “rose-colored glasses” view. In this balanced vision, Hornick takes an unflinching look at the potential pitfalls and challenges that will surely arise as the use of 3D printing continues to grow. Issues regarding intellectual property, product liability, government regulation, and dramatic dislocation to established industry and the workforce are all discussed. This book is a “must read” for any looking to understand the sweeping technological advancements on the very near horizon."

Bob Appleton

"IP lawyer Washington DC resident, John Hornick does a great job of researching and probing the major industries that will be impacted by the very, very useful technology of 3d Printing. It is ready to disrupt manufacturing, as we know it, and may very well greatly affect the digital disruption of healthcare, too. It is obvious from this well-referenced work that it was very well researched, and psend a good amount of time on this enjoyable read."

John G. Bennett

"A brilliant lawyer, speaker, and author, John wrote a very insightful and much needed review of this nascent industry. A must read industry 101"

Yakov Balakhovsky

"By highlighting each possible aspect associated to 3D printing, the author has done an excellent job at writing the book on this subject. His knowledge and research on 3D printing is commendable. When I picked up this book, I had zero knowledge about mind-blowing world of additive manufacturing or 3D printing; however, now that I have finished reading it, I can call myself an expert on it. The author has taken a deep dive into this topic and taken his readers to explore the vast possibilities of 3D printing.

He has quoted various statements from the industry experts that increased the credibility of his take on the wonders of 3D printing. He has compared 3D printing to the traditional manufacturing methods, flawlessly. The graphic images of various products that have been produced by the usage of 3D printers increased my interest in reading more about it. He has supported his theory with detailed facts and figures that shows the extend of research done by him. One thing that fascinated me the most was the author's belief that as soon as 3D printers make their way inside homes of the consumers, we shall go back to our roots of being makers; people will use their imagination to create designs that is beyond our imagination, today. Countries, which have blossomed by providing labors of low wages, would be adversely affected by an advent of 3D printers. Another thing that I loved in the book is that the author has not just sung the praises of 3D printers, rather he has used his keen imagination in pointing out the chaos, which may be caused by the rise of this technology.

I admire his writing style. He did not use heavy technical terms and stayed away from business jargon, which might have caused me to use Google to understand their meaning. He has kept his tone sincere but used humor at times that kept me engaged to read it till the end. The author has presented an elaborated insight into the world of 3D printing, and each point is explained thoroughly. The writing style has been descriptive throughout the book. I encourage the readers, whom the idea of gaining an insight into the technologies that would drive our future excites, to explore this book."

Stephanie Chandler

"As a writer for B2B technology magazines, I love discovering well-researched books like this one. The author condenses a lot of hype and complicated technical talk into a very readable, thought-provoking overview of how 3D printing might affect companies, consumers, governments, and economies. He includes predictions from multiple sources, then shares his own vision of some possible impacts (good and bad). He encourages readers to "Think about the implications of 3D printing for your own life, your job, your country, and the world. Think about the things I have not thought of. Think outside the box." If you want a clear understanding of the complicated, fast-changing world of 3D printing, this book provides it."

Eileen Fritsch

"This book is an excellent read for people who want to understand "why" 3D printing is important. Many publications focus on how 3D printing technologies work. In this book, Hornick focuses more on how and why 3D printing will change the future of manufacturing, distribution, product design and our lives. And that's based merely on what we know today. 3D printing will also change our lives in ways we cannot yet imagine. If you do not already understand that 3D printing will by highly disruptive, you will after reading this book."


"In much the same way that the central character in "The Graduate" was told to make his future in plastics -- author Hornick makes a very good case that 3D Printing will be the technology to follow to make a fortune in the 21st century. He presents an interesting background about of the history of 3D printing technology and the amazing advances being made. Any reader with even a mild interest in 3D printing as a career or investment opportunity will find this book an invaluable resource."

Dee Long

"John Hornick pulls together in one book many of the exciting opportunities awaiting us in the field of 3D printing. He also questions much of the status quo and how it must change as 3D printing becomes standard in our everyday life."

Frank Marangell

"This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the increasing impact of 3D printing. It is well-written, and very readable. Its author has a well-earned reputation of being a thought leader, especially regarding the legal implications of 3D printing. Though I’ve been involved with 3D printing for over twenty years, this very up-to-date book taught me new things, and helped me teach a class on 3D printing. Again, a must-read."

Joseph Murphy

"John has written an accessible and comprehensive account if how 3d printing us changing the world, and will continue to do so. There are several examples to support many of the trends he notes. I manage a 3d printing lab, so I am quite aware of how this technology is progressing. However, I found a wealth of new examples in this book. He is also a great speaker !"

Vishal Sachdev

"Mr. Hornick's book is a "boots on the ground" analysis of what's happening now globally with an insightful look into what a 3D printed world will look like in the near and not too distant future. If you are involved in any field of product creation, design, development, or marketing this book is a must read. Very few technologies come along in a lifetime that have such far reaching effects as 3D print and John's analysis presents a future that will impact every aspect of life in all corners of the world and into space. The only area not covered in the book is the imagination it will spark in the mind of the reader who is presented with an enormous world of possibility. Read "3D Print Will Rock The World" and start planning how your contribution to the future will take shape."


"Attorney Hornick has taken a cutting edge and complex topic of copyright and intellectual property law and condensed it into an extremely informative, well-crafted discussion. It is meticulously organized, logical and would be excellent reading for anyone interested in the evolution of this new technology and its legal implication." Great book.

Andrew Zulieve

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